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Enable the Lock Screen in Mac OS X

But users can also trigger an immediate sleep state with a simple keyboard command: Optical drive-less Mac owners can repeat the substitution discussed above and replace the Eject key with the Power key, resulting in a command for Retina MacBook Pro owners, et al. Your Mac will immediately go to sleep, shutting down all functions and requiring a password to resume.

Users running on battery power who need to step away from their Macs may prefer this option over a locked screen. The practical effect is the same preventing others from accessing your Mac , but this latter option saves battery power while the user is away. On the other hand, this will stop all background tasks, discussed above, and may not be ideal for users who want their Macs to keep working while they grab a coffee or stop for a bathroom break. I love my mouse to the hot corner and the screen and computer are locked, end of story. No go to a menu drop down and click anything.

Did you say that it is possible to change the shortcut to activate Screen Lock? I searched in various places in the settings and did not find it. Could you guide me? Thank you.

How to lock your Mac screen using Display Sleep

So I decided to re-assign the command to something else. Lock Screen or Sleep are two useful possibilities:. System Preferences 2. All Applications 4. Add the Text exactly: Lock Screen or Sleep in my case 6.

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Add the command text: I may take a few minutes for the new shortcut to become available. I have always used the Keychain. Simple, straightforward and works on any macOS.

Is there any difference between locking the screen in Sierra from the Keychain. I also set the Password Required to 5 Seconds after screen saver begins. So, when I walk away, pressing the 4 keys immediately starts my screensaver and 5 seconds later requires password or Apple Watch to unlock.

sleep wake - Keyboard shortcut for locking screen in macOS Sierra? - Ask Different

Who the hell would chose to do more work to do the exact same thing!!!! Not to mention if you forget to lock the screen, you can set an idle time that will do it for you!! One thing that remains unanswered is if this new lock screen will actually keep the Mac awake indefinitely. As far as I know, my Mac goes to sleep after a while when the screensaver is enabled using hot corners at least the screen turns off after a while — even with Caffeine app activated.

That part is really annoying if you want to lock the Mac, but keep it running e.

How to set up a password to lock the screen

Is there any way I can keep my Mac on while locked and also avoid the screen from turning off? If you set sleep to never, then using screensaver lock ensures it never goes to sleep, keeping it available for remote access. When the screen is unlocked by entering a password, the 10 min.

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How to Use Lock Screen in MacOS Mojave & High Sierra

All Rights Reserved. Provided you have an account password set up, sleep lets you lock your MacBook without shutting it down so you can quickly resume your labors upon your return.

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  • There are a number of ways -- seven, by my count -- to put your MacBook to sleep. The first five require you to set up a log-in password, while the last two let you lock your Mac without needing a log-in password, which is convenient if you want to be able to close your Mac's lid, for instance, without needing to enter a password when you open it back up. Before we get started, let's first go over how to enable a log-in password. In the drop-down menu, you can set timing of the password, from immediately to up to 8 hours.

    How to lock your Mac

    Just close the lid and when you open it next, you'll need to enter your password to log back in. Both sleep and lock will turn off your display, but sleep conserves more energy by putting the CPU into low-power mode, spinning down the hard drive and stopping background tasks, among other things. This one takes a little work, but you can add an icon to the Dock that starts your screensaver and locks your Mac. These last two methods will lock your MacBook, whether or not you have enabled a log-in password.

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