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As a result, the people of the city are usually better informed than those of the village, where even a newspaper is sometimes difficult to get. Discuss the part played by science in the promotion of public health during the last hundreds years. Water is important for all living things. Do you agree or disagree?


Give your reasons. Do you agree that the study of Mathematics is essential to the progress of the human race? What contributions can writers make to the promtion of goodwill among the people of a country? Which language do you think has made the greatest contribution to the promotion of better understanding among the peoples of the world? Discuss the view that tolerance is essential for peace and harmony in any community or country. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having too many university graduates in your country.

Do you think that literary education is preferable to scientific education today? New words: O to justice: But today, the people of one country depend on the people of another country for a variety of things.

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As a result, world trade has developed. Without world trade, it would be difficult for the people of any country to get many things which are now considered necessaries. Some countries are not rich in mineral resources.

They have no iron or coal mines, while others have too many of them. Again, some countries are not suitable for agriculture while others have several fertile plains to grow crops Further, even if a country is rich in natural resources, it may not have enough skilled men to exploit them. For such geographical and other reasons the peoples of the world have learnt to buy things which they cannot produce profitably and to sell things for which they have a special ability to produce. West Malaysia, for example, specialises in producing rubber for which there is a great demand from several courtiers in the world.

But she has no ability to produce machinery and several other things.

Thế hệ Z tại Việt Nam

West Malaysia therefore depends on other courtiers for many of her needs. In the same way, all the countries of the world co-operate and exchange things with one another. From other countries we get motor- cars, radios, television sets and several other things, which we cannot produce ourselves. At the same time we give to other countries the things that we can produce better than many others. In this way, every country specialises in producing only a few things. As a result, the quality of goods is improved to the common benefit of the people of the world.

World trade has also raised the standard of living of the people in the world. We are able to use things made in countries across miles of ocean. As a result of all this, life has become more comfortable than what it was before; and it is realised that a country could hardly progress without world trade. In the rubber estates of west Malaysia there are hundreds of snakes of which the cobra is the most dangerous and venomous. This snake has a preference for cool places along the numerous streams found in the estates, where it relaxes, especially in the afternoons.

Those who catch fish from these streams have, therefore, to be on the look-out for cobras. All this I did not know until I came face to face with a cobra one day, while fishing with my brother. My brother and I were then spending our holidays in an estate where our father was employed. In the afternoons, my brother, who loves fishing, and I would go out to catch fish from the streams not very far from our father's house. Wherever the water was shallow, we got down into the streams and searched for holes where fish usually like to shelter.

When we found one, we put our hands in and often caught some fish. Fishing in this way had its moments of excitement, for at times we also caught some water- snakes, which we found to be harmless.

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  5. Then, one day, I came so close to death that I made up my mind never to catch fish again in that way. A cobra, about six feet long, was lying along the water's edge of one side of the stream in which we were fishing. Its tail was in the water, but it was concealed by the reeds and grasses along that stream. As I put my hand into the water, my searching fingers touched something tender.

    Thinking that it was a fish, I gripped it at once and tried to bring it out of the water. But it resisted violently, and to my consternation I discovered that it was a cobra. I relaxed my grip at once and rushed for safety. My brother, who was a few yards away, was too surprised to speak. But he soon saw the cobra which was now rushing towards him with its hood fully opened.

    I picked up stick hurriedly and threw it at the cobra. Surprisingly, the cobra now turned towards me, and I took to my heels.

    My brother then picked up a stick and ran after the cobra and managed to kill it just at the time when I was almost exhausted. That was indeed a very narrow escape, an escape I shall never forget. In the past travel was considered an essential part of education.

    Poets and writers realised the value of travel and went out to other countries in search of knowledge. A man's education was not completed until he had visited foreign lands. That travel broadens the mind cannot be denied. Those who remain within the confines of their homes are cut off from the outside world. As a result, they develop a narrow outlook on life. But those who travel come into contact with various types of people whose ways of life are completely different from theirs.

    Đông Trùng Hạ Thảo là gì? Thực phẩm tiền tỷ khiến quý ông Săn Lùng

    They see things with their own eyes and have a better understanding of the affairs of the world. The impressions that they receive while they travel remain fresh in their minds for many years, and all false impressions and ideas are removed from their minds. Thus, they are able to see things in their proper perspective and make correct judgments and decisions, and to be able to make connect decisions is a valuable part of education.

    It is argued, however, that the presence of the great variety of books, newspapers, the radio and television today obviates the need for travel to acquire knowledge. One would study in the comfort and privacy of one's own home and absorb all the knowledge that one desires. But there are many things which books cannot describe effectively. For example, the love and respect people in other lands have for us and the natural beauty of the various parts or the world cannot be described properly in words. They have to be seen and felt.

    Besides, not all can understand everything that they read about people away from their homes. To such people, especially, travel is an important means of education. Of course, travel involves time and money which most people cannot afford. But the value of travel as a means of education is so great that time and money spent on travel are not a waste of effort. I have heard much about the beauty of the East as well as the West, about the wonderful islands in the Pacific and also in the Atlantic. In short, the whole world seems to be full of beautiful places. The country that I would like to visit, however, is the United States of America.

    Xin Đừng Bỏ Mặc Em - Ngọc Thúy [MV OFFICIAL]

    My knowledge of the United States of America is derived from the geography and history books that I have read, the films that I have seen and the stories that I have heard from people who have visited this country. The United States of America is a vast country with a mixed population.

    People from many different lands have come and settled here.

    dung bo mac em noi day mot minh Dung bo mac em noi day mot minh
    dung bo mac em noi day mot minh Dung bo mac em noi day mot minh
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