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We've also listed USB-C adapters rather than hubs, too, to keep the selection friendlier for portable options. And technically, despite some naming conventions at retailers, USB-C hubs are a different product, geared more towards attaching multiple displays along with restoring all your missing ports.

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USB-C adaptors are smaller and cheaper and are generally limited to displaying external monitors at 60fps frames-per-second at p or 30fps on a 4K display. So if you want to run 60fps on a 4K or 5K monitor we're looking at you, fancy video editing types on MacBooks then you'll be much better suited checking out our collection of the best USB-C hubs and docks. Sure, it's a little pricey, but the sheer number of ports means this is the last one you'll need to buy as modern laptops and MacBooks head towards an inconvenient USB-C only future.

The ports are nicely spaced too, so it doesn't become difficult to access them if you're going to be swapping things around or need to use the memory card slots. This USB-C adapter is super thin and attaches directly to the laptop rather than dangling from a cable. That's not why most of you want a USB-C adapter though and this one covers all of the other bases with ease.

There's even a 3. The 3.

Anker is one of the best third-party accessory brands of recent years and make reliable, good-looking products while keeping the price down. On the downside there's no passthrough charging option or memory card slots. As the Retina Display MacBook does not have any other relevant ports, you cannot use this adapter and plug the notebook into a power outlet at the same time, which is decidedly limiting.

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Site sponsor Adorama sells all these Apple adapters. Site sponsor OWC sells all these third-party adapters.

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The best USB-C adapters the best deals for Macbook Pros and laptop users | TechRadar

If a USB-C adapter is insufficient, or at least less than ideal, a dock also can be worthwhile either for additional connectivity while on the go or for those who like to leave a desk setup with a variety of peripherals and quickly plug in a notebook computer without also having to disconnect and reconnect a bunch of cables.

OWC, Inc. Although OWC's docks cost more than a single Apple adapter, and are physically larger, each is significantly more versatile, as well.

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  • The full-size OWC USB-C Dock devices even include an 80 watt power adapter that delivers 60 watts of power to the notebook when it is connected to the dock so you could easily leave the notebook's standard power adapter in a bag for easy use while on the go and not even need to take it out and get setup when you reach your dock-equipped home or office. Likewise, for any of these docks, you would never need to juggle between choosing to connect your Retina MacBook to either power or a peripheral.

    As the standard matures, and a multitude of third-party cables, accessories, and devices become available more readily, it will be a welcomed improvement for most users.

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