Mac 250 krypton vs entour


The is the original. There is no Krypton, it's just a Krypton. There's some other small improvements, but those are the major ones. The Entour has a second gobo wheel, which has rotating, indexable gobos. The first wheel does not rotate. That's all I can remember off the top of my head, and after a bad dinner that isn't making me happy. For more info check the Martin site. Check Martin's site.

Brett's right.

Martin Moving Head Mac 250 Entour

Like I said, bad dinner last night. But everyone would know it as just a Krypton because there likely will never be a Krypton or an MX Krypton. Jamey Brock New Member. The MAC Krypton has indexable gobos, as well Both are fantastic lights! Jamey Brock said:. Now, I have finally heard which fixture i'll be using at this event and it is the mac Page 24 5 Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the half-circle shaped plate that holds the prism into place as indicated in this illustration.

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Page 25 5 Using a Philips screwdriver, remove the half-circle shaped plate that holds the prism into place as indicated in this illustration. Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the screws located at the positions marked A and lift the tabs. Lift the effect module out of the fixture. Page 27 4 Remove the three Phillips screws and lift the plate off the effect module. Installing any other lamp may damage the fixture. Page Cleaning 3 Rinse with distilled water. Mixing the water with a small amount of wetting agent such as Kodak Photoflo will help prevent streaking and spotting. No other lubricant is approved for use.

When applying lubricant, always remove excess and do not get oil on other parts. Page 35 Rotating Gobo selection and shake Indexing: set position on channel 5 in 16 bt mode or channel 6 in 16 Ex mode 0 - 4 0 - 2 Open gobo 5 - 10 2 - 4 Gobo 1 11 - 15 4 - 6 Gobo 2 16 - Page 41 Hours of operation since counter reset.

To reset, display counter RS E T and press [up] for 5 seconds. Slow - fast. Page Troubleshooting 2 and 3 in the fixture that behaves erratically. Shutter closes suddenly. Tilt Tilt F.

MAC Krypton/Entour

Page Specifications - Mac Krypton Metal Page 48 MAC Krypton packed in cardboard box Hz: Abbreviation for Hertz. Illumination: Generally, a term for light or lighting. In photometry, the amount of light, i. Incandescent: A term used to describe a lamp, or a light source that utilizes such a lamp, that employs the incandescence of a filament as its light source.

The filament is housed in a vacuum; enough electricity is passed through the filament that it glows. Indirect Lighting: Illumination that falls on an area or subject by reflection, e. Inky: A small Fresnel spotlight with a 1. Inverse Square Law: The quantity of light is inversely proportional to the square of its distance, i.

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Say a light is placed 1 foot away from the subject. Each time you roughly increase the distance incrementally, you open up your aperture two, three, four stops, etc. Iodide: A halogen gas used in lamps to maintain proper color temperature. Iris: Short for Iris Diaphragm. Iris Diaphragm: An arrangement of thin movable heat-resistant metal plates, i. They are usually placed within an ellipsoidal spotlight or follow spot in order to adjust the diameter of the beam, or in some cases, to mechanically dim the beam.

K: Abbreviation for Kelvin. Short for Kilowatt in the theatre, film and video industries. Each degree is the same magnitude as a degree in the centigrade scale. The Kelvin scale is used to gauge color temperature. Key Light Main Light : The principle source of light, which establishes the character of the lighting, including atmosphere and mood. It may suggest a source, like the sun, or a window. Key Grip: The supervising grip on a production; the person ultimately responsible for all other grips and grip equipment.

Kicker: A sideline, low angle back light that adds a slight edge light to the side of the subject. Kilowatt kW : watts. Lamp: Any light source in a self-contained package composed of an envelope containing gas, filaments, etc.

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The source can be of the incandescent, fluorescent, quartz halogen, LED or arc type. Quite often this term is used interchangeably with light source.

Lamp Base: The part of a lamp to which the electrical connections are made; the part with the contacts. It is often the mechanical support or heat sink for the lamp. Lavender: A type of material used for fabric scrims. Leads: The electric cable s or sleeved, insulated wires, attached to a light source or piece of power distribution equipment, that terminate in a connector for the purpose of providing an electrical connection to the electrical supply or to another light source.

Leko: A commonly used term for an ellipsoidal spotlight. Lens: A transparent material, usually glass, shaped to bend light rays as they pass through it. Colored lenses can also be used as color media.

Martin - Mac 250 Krypton (Moving head / Lyre)

Light: Illumination; the aspect of radiant energy of which a human observer is aware through a visual sense. Its electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength longer than ultraviolet radiation but shorter than infrared radiation, i.

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A term that is often used interchangeably with light source. Light Distribution: The way in which illumination of any color or quantity is spread over a particular background. Lighting Ratio: The percentage of key light to fill light. Optimum and maximum lighting ratios depend upon subject matter, mood, media and type of reproduction, as well as personal tastes. In television a timid ratio is twice as much key as fill , a dramatic one, eight times as much key as fill, popular for film-noir look ; a maximum one, about Also called Brightness Ratio. Light Meter: An apparatus used to measure various quantities of light such as color temperature, foot-candles, lux, flash, etc.

Light Source: Anything that emits light, such as an arc or a filament, a lamp or light head, bulb or flash. Light Spill: A general term used to describe any stray light, including light leaks. Location Fresnel: A Fresnel spotlight used primarily in non-standard production settings such as locations other than stages or studios. Long Throw: A term used to describe a light source that has an effective intensity at a relatively long distance.

mac 250 krypton vs entour Mac 250 krypton vs entour
mac 250 krypton vs entour Mac 250 krypton vs entour
mac 250 krypton vs entour Mac 250 krypton vs entour
mac 250 krypton vs entour Mac 250 krypton vs entour
mac 250 krypton vs entour Mac 250 krypton vs entour

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