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What You Need to Run OS X Mountain Lion on Your Mac

The only thing I've done in it is boot into single user mode on my BIL's Unibody Macbook to change the password he bought it used and didn't get the password with it. A lot of folks complain about "iOSification" in it, although admittedly it didn't bother me a lot, but after using older versions Leopard is probably the one with which I have the most experience I can certainly understand it. After using Leopard a LOT and Tiger quite a bit, I've gotten into the habit of going into finder or using Spotlight to launch apps rather than using Launchpad. In any case, I currently have two computers running Lion.

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One is a polycarbonate iMac, and the other a black Macbook. Lion is the "end of the line" for these computers. Mavericks is great on these computers. As an example, if you have an iPhone and receive a new iMessage, it shows up in a pop-up in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and you can either ignore it or reply just by clicking on the box. Mail works similarly.

What We’d Lose Today

I've heard some complaints about it. My 13" has 8gb of RAM, while my 15" has 6gb. I find Mavericks to be pleasantly useable in both computers. Mavericks is going to remain my preferred version of OS X on computers which can support it for a while-probably at least as long as it continues to receive security updates. I have a white Macbook running Yosemite mid, pre-Unibody. Yosemite flies on it and I also like some of the new features it offers.

I can't stand the flat UI, though personal preference so have not installed it on anything else. I actually bought that Macbook cheap in the Public Beta period with the sole intention of installing Yosemite. I have no performance complaints whatsoever, and even like the wallpapers enough that I'm using them on several older versions of OS X on a casual glance, Tiger actually looks like Yosemite if using a Yosemite wallpaper, although the pinstriped dock and blue Apple give it away pretty quickly.

I did see a noticeable speed improvement, however, when I went from the factory platter drive to an SSD remember that I'm running Mavericks on a platter drive with a similar Core2Duo processor. I really think that you need an SSD to see the full potential of it. As far as battery life-I've noticed little difference when changing OS versions on one computer. I can't speak to Logic Pro, but have run CS6 on It runs great on all. Today gamers can get their hands on some of the best titles—just not all of them.

Valve Software, for example, offers a variety of some of its most cherished titles, such as Half Life and Portal for Mac.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Mac OS X Lion

Blizzard Entertainment, the maker of the smash hit World of Warcraft, has also made Mac-specific versions of its titles. Windows has been the go-to operating system for game developers for years, and gamers know it. To play the most demanding games smoothly, users will need a powerful system, and Windows 7 gamers have access to more affordable hardware than Mac users. But as the recent Mac Defender Trojan proved, no software is completely secure.

To help stay a step ahead of the bad guys, Lion includes new security features, such as application sandboxing and enhanced runtime protection. Sandboxing is designed to reduce the impact of a given threat by limiting what an application can do. That includes accessing the network or opening documents that may contain sensitive data. Meanwhile, address space layout randomization ASLR is now available for apps to make them more resistant to attacks. The idea is to foil attacks aimed at gaining access to a computer via specific software components.

Last but not least is FileVault 2 full-disk encryption, which allows users to encrypt their important files easily. You can even encrypt an entire drive.

OS X Mountain Lion Pros and Cons, Is it worth it?:

Microsoft has fortified Windows 7 with enhanced security features to help minimize damage caused by viruses and other malware, but the OS works best in tandem with separate security software. A new Action Center tells you whether your antivirus software is up to date and whether your firewall is on.

Windows Updates are automatic by default, but you can always change that. Unfortunately, these updates often occur at inopportune times, so you may want to tweak the settings so that your computer downloads updates but then lets you choose whether to install them. To help protect your notebook, you can download the free Microsoft Security Essentials program, which can shield your system from viruses, spyware, Trojans, and more. Although Macs are becoming more interesting to hackers, Windows users are still much more susceptible to malware.

In addition, frequent security software alerts and Windows OS updates are annoying. Thinking of letting your kid on your brand-new MacBook Air? Lion gives parents peace of mind by including a host of controls. You can limit which apps your child can access, which is huge because the Mac App Store makes it easy to download new apps.

As with Windows 7, you can set time limits for computer access, but Lion goes a step further by letting parents allow access only to specific websites. For parents with small children, this walled-garden approach will be especially welcome. You can also block or allow any game by name. If you want your child to be able to access your notebook only at certain times on certain days, Windows 7 makes it easy to set up a schedule. It lets you back up your entire system documents, photos, system files, etc. The first time you connect a hard drive to your Mac, it will ask you if you want to use it as a backup drive with Time Machine.

That way if you delete something accidentally, you can easily recover it later.

Lion also offers encrypted backups with FileVault 2. Safeguarding precious files and folders is a cinch with Windows 7. You just launch Backup and Restore, then choose a destination for the backup. The straightforward interface guides you through the rest of the process, including deciding whether you want to let Windows 7 choose what to back up on a regular schedule or choosing the files or folders yourself.

Too bad backing up to a network is only available to Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate users. It will help you undo system changes without touching your files.

Minimum Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)

The OS regularly creates restore points, but you can also do so manually. By combining file and system backups in a single program, Lion makes things easier. The OS makes things even simpler by inviting users to back up via Time Machine when connecting an external drive.

El Capitan vs. Mavericks vs. Mountain Lion Macbook Pro midd 2009 Geekbench Speedtest

Based on the overwhelming success of the iPhone app store, the Mac App Store is built into the Dock for one-click access. Once an app is purchased you need an Apple ID to get started , it instantly downloads and installs on the Launchpad for immediate use. A related feature is AutoSave, which, like its name, automatically saves changes to a doc or any app developed with AutoSave even if you close the app without manually saving it. Return to your document, and those changes are there.

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And if you need to go back to a version before changes were made, the Revert command takes you there. The downside is that AutoSave deactivates the Save As function. FaceTime handles video calls to other Macs, the iPhone 4, and the iPad 2, automatically adjusting from landscape to portrait formats depending on the mobile device you are using. Last but not least is AirDrop, which makes it dead simple to share files between Macs over a peer-to-peer network. If you have a legion of windows open and want to concentrate on one, clicking the top of the pane you want to keep and shaking the mouse will make the other windows instantly disappear from the screen.

However, the tabs will still be available from the taskbar.

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