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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

It destroyed and changed several old areas and it also introduced new locations for users to explore.

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Yet, Assassins of Kings is. It tells the story of Geralt of Rivia and his adventures. Geralt is a witcher who travels across the kingdom of Temeria. He slays monsters if you pay him enough. A sort of anti-hero — charismatic and likable. Combat mechanics are complex, and it requires time to fully master dismembering creatures of the night.

This is the first time an Elder Scrolls game has been released for the Mac. It simultaneously launched on both PC and Mac in April of This adds an exciting PVP combat element and spices up the day-in-day-out side-quest routine. ESO does a really great job creating the ambiance and atmosphere of turmoil and war. It can be bought on Steam. DiRT 2 is one of the best racing games for Mac. Superb driving mechanics? Double check! Responsive and high-speed racing? Triple check!

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It even has a story mode for the gamer that missed his shot at being a professional racer. There are about 35 different cars which you can choose from. They are highly customizable, and to be frank, modifying your vehicle is a must if you want to advance in your virtual career. Different types of events require different types of vehicle improvements, and also the skill.

It even has an online counterpart. FlatOut 2 is developed by Virtual Programming. It can be bought on the official Mac App Store. One of the best arcade racing games for Mac, FlatOut 2 has aged really well. You just drive like a coke-addict and drive straight into your fellow competitors.

A championship mode is set in place and you can choose from 34 different cars. The multiplayer mode lets the gamer partake in a series of mini-games. Other game modes include Destruction Derby Arenas where you can just let all your anger loose.

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It can be bought from Amazon. However, I recommend you take a look at other major game retailers. Age of Empires I and II were critically acclaimed video games. Creativity is key if you want to win, military speaking. If spilling blood is not your cup of tea, then you can choose the way of diplomacy.

An AI game about marital breakdown

Yet, the one which I found by far the most enjoyable, is the scientific method of winning. The one that gets off the planet first will rule the world. You build up an entire civilization and you micro-manage your cities, which will eventually lead to a ginormous empire that spans across three continents. Starcraft II is developed by Blizzard. You can buy it on the official Battle. Starcraft II follows the story of Jim Raynor, who leads the human army against the alien menace known as Zerg and Protoss.

However, the Zerg want to destroy the whole universe, ending human life as we know it. The Protoss and Terran factions unite themselves against a common foe. To go deeper into Starcraft lore would mean to write an actual book. Starcraft is one of the best games for Mac. Its multiplayer counterpart is deemed as one of the best gaming experiences one could have. Even though sometimes it can feel really unbalanced. You can download the game from the official Mac App Store.

When XCOM was first released way back in the 90s, it went from downright obscurity to major hit overnight. One of the best strategy games for Mac received a highly-anticipated 3D polish in Combat is unique, well, it was unique when it first appeared in the 90s. You are in control of a squad comprised of four soldiers, which later will grow to hold six other members.

Your surviving squad members can be promoted after each mission. This means new abilities and weapons. Bioshock is developed by Feral Interactive. You can download it from the official Mac App Store. With an exceptional setting, ground-breaking story-line and exquisite soundtrack, Bioshock shocked and awed gamers across the world.


Fortunately for us, it strays away from the status quo comprised of mindless trigger-happy video-game mechanics. Bioshock is set in an underwater city where a twisted and demented society fights for power. Hotline Miami is developed by Dennaton Games.

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You can download Hotline Miami on Steam. Hotline Miami is one of the best computer games for Mac solely because of its surreal setting. Basically, you are a hitman of sorts. Men wearing animal masks usually call you up to do their, um, cleaning for them. With that said, expect to die a lot.

The game is just ginormous with an install of 52 gigs. It requires a pretty powerful Mac machine to run it — think of something along the lines of Yosemite Shadow of Mordor is one of the best games for Mac I have ever played — regardless if you are a Lord of the Rings fan or not.

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  • It delves deeper into AC to take its parkour and free running elements and it combines all of them in a superb setting filled with gorgeous scenery and awesome storytelling. It also features RPG elements by adding a skill tree.

    Living With Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard for 1 Week in 2018

    Batman: Arkham City is developed by Feral Interactive. The first iteration, Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I also highly recommend, confined the player into the mental asylum island. It resembled a sort-of claustrophobic, but enjoyable, gaming experience.

    However, this time around, Arkham City is just amazing. Combat has been improved and your punching and kicking, gadget-wielding flow is just smooth as butter. It was walled off turning it into a humongous and open prison. Filled with buildings that resemble a Gothic Americana architecture style, and comprised of beautiful story-telling, it would be just a shame to not at least try it out. You can download one of the best games for Mac off of Steam. With the help of well placed quick-time events, you can take a sneak peek at the sober struggle and anguish of what could really happen if zombies were to rise from their coffins.

    This War of Mine is developed by 11 Bit Studios. You can buy it on iTunes or Steam.


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    In fact, you will have little to none weapons to fend off invaders or other mischievous bastards. This War of Mine sets up the player within the avatar of a war survivor during a full-blown conflict. You need to quickly assess what resources you have and what you need to survive. It delves deep into how an individual tries to survive the endless scatter for basic human resources and the emotional toll it takes on someone who is cut off from his loved ones.

    Facade is a unique free interactive adventure game using Artificial Intelligence AI where your role is to prevent the breakdown of a marriage. The developers of Facade meanwhile describe it more complexly as: "An attempt to move beyond traditional branching or hyperlinked narrative to create a fully-realized, one-act interactive drama, integrating an interdisciplinary set of artistic practices and artificial intelligence technologies. The plot is this: During an evening get-together at their apartment, things turn ugly it's not clear why and you somehow become embroiled in the destruction of Grace and Trip's marriage.

    No one is safe in Facade as the accusations fly, sides are taken and irreversible decisions are made that destroy happy homes. Your aim however is to make sure that ultimately Grace and Trip stay together rather than hurtle for expensive divorce proceedings.

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    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard
    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard
    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard
    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard
    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard
    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard
    best games for mac os x snow leopard Best games for mac os x snow leopard

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