Add passes to passbook from mac

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But if the theater or ticketing company supports Apple Wallet, there will usually be a prominent way to add the ticket to your iOS device. Once a ticket is in your Apple Wallet, you can share it with another device by using the iOS Share sheet.

That will allow you to use that ticket on the other device. In Messages, for example, you just tap on the pass and click the Add button to store it in Wallet. But what if you like physical movie tickets — is it possible to print a ticket from Apple Wallet? Technically, yes. Theaters that allow their tickets to be added to Apple Wallet will also allow them to be used directly from an iPhone. If you insist on having a physical copy, we recommend printing the ticket from your email. In the mail app, just open the email with your ticket.

Apple Wallet: Add passes using an App (2019)

Hit the Reply button then the Print button. From here, just go through the normal iOS printing steps. Check out our quick guide on how to connect your smartphone to an Xbox One.

How to Use Passes in Your iPhone's Wallet App

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Posted 1 day ago — By Timothy Taylor. I used the iPhone for a few years and the process has got much simpler. Now I use the watch, less juggling things but some airlines have code readers that you cannot get your wrist under, hopefully they will upgrade soon. Yes, the scanners do have to be the right orientation for the watch. I didn't have trouble with that on this trip, but on some previous one, it was clear that I wouldn't be able to use the watch and I had to revert back to the iPhone.

Adam, since the CBP is now demanding access to the phones of returning US Citizens, you might as well get the app "Mobile Passport" so you can just give them your phone immediately before 3 of their goons tackle you. Oh, don't get me started The EFF has a page on privacy at the boarder, and I need to write more about it. When my husband and I travel together, we always put both of our boarding passes on both phones to provide a backup in case one phone goes on the fritz during the boarding process.

I often book flights on Southwest for my wife, son, and me.

When I do that, I get one itinerary number and Southwest won't let me put the boarding passes on my phone. To fix this, I need to call Southwest and ask them to give each family member a separate itinerary number. They are willing to do this and it fixes the problem. I could probably accomplish the same thing by booking each of the flights separately, but I'm always afraid I won't get the same fare for each flight if I do that.

Tip: How To Sync Passbook Passes From Your Mac To Your iPhone

I know I've put boarding passes for multiple people on my iPhone with the United app, but since I've lived in the Northwest and the Northeast, I've never flown Southwest. If I put my boarding pass in Wallet, am I prohibited from also printing a back up paper pass?

I've resisted using Wallet because I didn't want to depend exclusively on an unfamiliar system. You can always print a boarding pass separately, just as you always have. If you're concerned, print the boarding pass first, and then add it to Wallet. Here's an interesting reason to go paperless: increased security due to not revealing details via your paper boarding pass.

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Adam Engst. But hey, if you like the paper, there's nothing stopping you from using it.

add passes to passbook from mac Add passes to passbook from mac
add passes to passbook from mac Add passes to passbook from mac
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add passes to passbook from mac Add passes to passbook from mac
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add passes to passbook from mac Add passes to passbook from mac
add passes to passbook from mac Add passes to passbook from mac

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