Edirol ua 25 mac os

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Review: Edirol UA bit 96kHz 2in 2out USB soundcard – ContentedLife

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How to Make Music on Your Mac with Minimal Latency

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The same is true of Mac OS, but only in the basic mode which restricts you to bit This driver can be downloaded free from the Edirol website, and seems to work fine on my new unibody Macbook Pro with OSX The XLR inputs have mic preamps see limitations below and switchable phantom power, while one of the TRS jack inputs has switchable high-impedance Hi-Z mode for connecting guitars etc. Each input has a separate sensitivity gain control. A single Output level knob controls both the main output volume and the headphone level. Sample rate is switchable between There is no software mixer in the UA at all.

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  6. All the level controls, including input sensitivity, output volume, monitor volume and the various switches, are hardware controls on the unit itself. If you have a busy bus, probably best to use the PSU. The UA two significant limitations that you need to be aware of when deciding whether it will suit your needs. One is well documented, and common for USB soundcards: it cannot do bit 96kHz duplex input and output simultaneously — I think because standard USB is simply not fast enough.

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    The UA has two modes. When Advance mode is OFF, the bitrate is fixed to bit The device takes a few seconds to boot up every time you do this. I suppose you could buy two UAs and leave one dedicated to input and one to output. The other limitation is completely undocumented , even in the audio path diagram on top of the unit, and I only discovered it by experience: The XLR inputs are hardwired to the Mic preamps.

    You cannot use them for line-level inputs.

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    I found this slightly annoying as I wanted to plug the XLR outputs of my mixer into them, but you simply cannot reduce the sensitivity enough, and risk overloading the mic preamps if you feed a line-level signal to them. So I had to invest in XLR-to-balanced-jack cables to feed them into the jack sockets.

    Roland UA-25 for OSX Sierra troubleshooting!!

    If you are using the analogue inputs at line level from a device with balanced outputs such as a studio mixer or a professional DJ mixer , I recommend getting decent balanced cables. When the Limiter is switched off, this lights up red, supposedly to indicate clipping. But in Limiter mode the LED lights at exactly the same level, still way below necessary.

    For live broadcasting on my radio shows , I need to be peaking fairly close to 0dB, so this makes the limiter useless and I have to ignore the LED.

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