How much is 4gb of memory on a mac

12222 MacBook Pro 8GB vs. 16GB

The smaller the desk, the longer it'll take to find a particular paper because you don't have room to spread things out to see it. Ram is a workspace for bits of information your computer is working with in real time. Throw me some links of particular computers you are looking at. Do you have models you're considering from the refurbished list? Depending on your budget and the price difference it looks completely up to you. The laptop you are looking at is actually quite a deal for a macbook.

It comes with i7, upgradable ram to 8gb and quad core. Personally, if you can afford to both wait and even afford a brand new laptop, I would wait and get a Macbook with Skylake. Based on what you are you using the laptop for though, this looks like it would be sufficient. The first option is substandard. Even a Mac with a lot of memory needs to call purge a lot, just don't do it until you quit any heavy duty apps. You're right Chris Ward, I figure that the 4g Mac book pro will be enough just for the mobile app development lesson on treehouse?

Posting to the forum is only allowed for members with active accounts. Please sign in or sign up to post. I forgot my password. Martina Carrington 15, Points. Kevin Korte 28, Points. Kevin Korte Kevin Korte 28, Points. What software are you going to be using?

How to check memory usage on your Mac

That's why it's important to know what software you expect to use. Martina Carrington Martina Carrington 15, Points. No, probably not. If you were editing video, 16gb probably would be a pretty good idea. Jake Nisenboim 3, Points. Jake Nisenboim Jake Nisenboim 3, Points. Thanks Jake , i will keep doing more research. Chris Ward 12, Points. Chris Ward Chris Ward 12, Points. Actually, this is a great question.

And not to hijack the OP's thread, but I'd love to hear from those more knowledgeable how to better interpret the pageouts number as a guide to when you need more memory. Memory is usually a cheap and easy upgrade, but as dotMacX's suggestion indicates, sometimes other upgrades may make more sense based on an individual's goals.

With a better sense of when it's clear more memory will make a difference, maybe we can help other Ach readers better decide how to spend limited upgrade dollars. I have 4 GB of pageouts right now If it can not do this it will have to page some data out to disk in order to bring other data in. This is slow. This is an arbitrary number but if the computer feels sluggish and Page Outs are low this is an indication that the computer is not memory bound.

If the computer does not feel sluggish then don't even worry about these numbers. I get along fine on 2 GB. It depends on what you do.

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Now that most new computers come with GB RAM, this is no longer the case, and you have to examine your actual memory use to determine if there will be any benefit and the answer is no for the vast majority of users. It sounds like the OP will benefit much more from an SSD upgrade especially if app launching is what he wants to improve , although it is a royal pain to do in an iMac, what with having to pull out the glass and the screen etc Thanks for all the comments guys.

I did everything your comments suggested and I am really not taxing my system in any way. Thus, it would be a waste of money I appreciate all the feedback. It's not folk wisdom, it's completely accurate. If you are fully using 4GB for applications then you have no room for cache. In some workloads this is a large boost. You can't really tell from Activity Monitor, either, because many applications are smart enough to probe the size of the system memory and act within reasonable bounds.

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These applications won't be paged out much regardless if they are running on 1GB or 16GB, but by using the extra memory they may perform better. The only way you can really tell is to run your application before and after and time it.

Or, you could figure out the working set of all your applications and files, and compare it to the size of your RAM. I don't think performance is all that different most of the time but there is a noticeable improvement in WoW. I'm a bit late but I would absolutely advice you to go to 8GB if you can. There is a significant overall responsiveness boost in most cases. You might ask why? In Mac land it's common to keep applications running. Not to mention if you dare to run VMware for Windows. Not to mention background helpers and utilities. Basic apps like Safari alone can take up a lot of ram and cause paging easily.

I used to have 8GB on a hacintosh and it ran beautifully, extremely responsive. How exactly does paging affect OSX responsiveness? Also launching apps is not as responsive because the HDD is paging. Also creating new tabs in Safari may not be responsive and delay several seconds because of paging. I suggest that you use utilities like iStat Menus to monitor ram usage to evaluate how tight ram usage is. I think you'll be surprised. I would say 4GB of page outs is definitely a huge number.

How much RAM do you need?

Ideally, the page outs should be zero, but it also depends on how long your use your computer for between restarts. RAM killer.

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Too bad RAM prices have spiked in the last 6 months.

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